Our customer service helps residents with waste issues. You can take care of most of the issues via e-services, but if you wish to receive personal service we a very pleased to help you. You can reach us in many different ways and our office is open two days a week.


With e-forms you can e.g. order waste collection, change the interval of the waste collection, change billing information or notify the location of the waste bin. You can also establish a shared waste bin or make a composting notification. Additionally you can order pick up for large-size waste items or interrupt the waste collection temporarily. Also remember to notify us if you are moving out.

Telephone number and email

Open weekdays Mon-Fri at 9-15

tel. 010 325 3900 (chargeable)


Telephone option numbers and prices

  • Choose 1, if you want to ask about waste services  (e.g. inquiries about the waste collection, advise on waste issues, changing your own details).
  • Choose 2, if you want to ask about visiting Mustankorkea waste centre or Laukaa waste centre or ask about our soil and biogas products.
  • Choose 3, when you want to ask about billing.
  • The price of the phone call and queuing is pvm/mpm.

Office Tourula

Open on Monday at 9-15

Kivääritehtaankatu 6 C
40100 Jyväskylä

Attention! Our office will be open next time on Monday 8.1.2024.

Our office is situated in a former rifle factory in Tourula. The factory was built in 1927. You can park your car in front of the building using a parking disc. With the lift you can go straight to the fourth floor, where our office is located. From the lobby you can collect sorting guides, resident’s waste guides, stickers for waste bins, dog poop stickers and the latest version of the Kulku-magazine outside opening hours.

Live chat

Open weekdays Mon-Fri at 8-22
Weekends at 10-18

We are using live chat. It means that a real person is helping you, not a robot. Chat service helps you with many issues, but is not able to access customer details. If your question is about your own waste bin or waste collection, please use other contact options, e.g. telephone or email.

Do you need to dispose of your waste?

You can bring your waste to our Waste Centres with your car or trailer. We accept waste in Jyväskylä and Laukaa.